Several rumors ensure the arrival of Mini SNES

no doubt that fashion retro has stepped on strong in recent years . In the field of video games has been the NES Mini test, despite the fact that today the games compete for graphical supremacy and hyphens drawn up by average Hollywood, there is an audience that prefers the full entertainment that gave us the old consoles. Today rumors are becoming stronger on the continuity of the “mini” line by Nintendo and this time will be the turn of the 16-bit console.

from Eurogamer say the arrival of the successful Super Nintendo. Although it is only rumors, this site also had exclusive information of the new Switch that then ended up being certain. on the other hand Nintendo has announced a few days ago the cessation of production of the Mini NES despite its enormous success . It seems that Christmas would be the indicated time the Mini SNES see light.

when we think of the news about this new console we ask would only bring the scant amount of titles which gave us Mini NES? We connect our original joysticks? It will come with RCA or s-video inputs or we will only comply with a CRT filter? There are many questions that we do with regard to its operation. So far we know that the next step for Nintendo will be relaunched to the more powerful console that saw the 16-bit and will be a matter of time to have more accurate data.

source: Eurogamer

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