Sensors to Arduino and Raspberry Pi V1.0 e-Health platform [aplicaciones biométricas / medicina] «Soloelectronicos

  • new sensor muscle
  • meter new blood pressure Sensor updated
  • new possibilities for connection

in this by going to explain how to work with e-Health platform V2.0 Sensor.»

e-Health Sensor Shield V2.0 allows to Arduino and RaspberryPi users biometric and medical applications where body monitoring is required using 10 different sensors: pulse, blood oxygen (SPO2), airflow skin (breath), body temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), glucometer, Galvanic Skin response (GSR – sweating), hypertension (blood pressure cuff), position the patient (accelerometer) and muscle/eletromyography (EMG) sensor.

this information can be used to monitor in real time the status of a patient or to obtain sensitive data to be analyzed later for medical diagnosis. The biometric information obtained can be sent wirelessly using any of 6 options of connectivity: Wi-Fi, 3 G, GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and ZigBee depending on the application.

if for the diagnosis of the picture in time real is necessary a camera can connect 3G module to send photos and videos of the patient to a medical diagnostic Center.

data can be sent to the cloud for storage permanent or displayed in real time sending data directly to a laptop or Smartphone. Also have developed several applications iPhone and Android to easily see the information of the patient.

privacy is one of the key in this kind of applications. For this reason, the platform includes several levels of security:

    • in the layer of communication link: AES 128 for 802.14.5 / ZigBee and WiFi WPA2.
    • in the application layer: protocol HTTPS (secure) we make sure a tunnel safety point to point between each sensor node and the server web (this is the same method used in bank transfers).

e-Health protection of the Sensor on Arduino (left) raspberry Pi (right)

important: the platform of e-Health Sensor has been designed for Cooking Hacks (Libelium open hardware division) to help researchers, developers and artists to measure data of biometric sensor p ara purpose of experiments , fun and try proporcionabdo and a cheap and open alternative compared to the solutions of owner the prohibitive price of the medical market . However, as the platform does not have medical certifications not it can be used to monitor critical patients needing a precise medical control or those whose conditions must be measured accurately for further professional diagnosis.

thanks to the community Arduino and Raspberry Pi, it is possible to have a quick proof of concept and form the basis for a new era of open source medical products.

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