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Apple is working on new glasses of augmented reality that could accompany the new iPhone. This would be a campaign against the VR main competitor Apple, Samsung launched. It seems that the glasses are in test phases because just filter relevant information with respect to this technology.

Apple has still much to do in reality sunglasses augmented

this report distributed by Apple employees accidentally ended up in the hands of the medium Gizmodo public has made it. A problem that has emerged in the evidence of these glasses that is eye fatigue is revealed in this report . so is reflected in this report, which is very focused on all incidents produced on different prototypes are tested at the Cupertino headquarters, although we will focus on the two incidents with the desire of augmented reality.

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one of the incidents that occurred with this prototype occurred on 21 February and is expressed as follows:

after a study of user BT4, the primary user of the study, experienced discomfort in the eyes and said that he was able to see the Flash laser at various points during the I am a student. Study leader and derived her optometrist and insured unit prototype for analysis.

another reported incident was the following:

the employee reported eye pain after working with a new prototype, he thought that it may be associated with use. He realized that the (foreign) magenta if safety seal was broken and had thought that the unit could have been manipulated.

work is already well advanced with respect to virtual reality goggles, and as you can see already are undergoing tests. We hope that for this year are a reality and we can use it with iPhone 8. Provided that these eye fatigue-related problems to be solved. 

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