“{” “” “” “” “” Seek to end hunger in the world based on drones grocery

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edible drones

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personally I must confess that I’m recently reading news about drones, ideas, projects… that literally me are leaving gaping. On this occasion I would like to talk to you about an idea that has caught me quite the amenities as it is the possible creation of edible drones that ending hunger in the world.

this idea has been raised by the British company aerospace Windhorse same that not only raised this possibility, but has been working in the same preparing even a prototype baptised with the name of ‘ Pouncer ‘. According to this company, aircraft could be built based on vegetables, meat, fish… without a doubt an idea, the less curious, which leaves us eager to see the prototype in operation.

awesome is shortly to define the idea of creating edible drones of aerospace Windhorse.

arrivals at this point, while the idea may seems more or less crazy the truth is that we need many more ideas like this, not in vain we take into account that today the issue of hunger in the world is precisely one of the most important and serious problems affecting the citizens of Unfortunately, many more countries that we can imagine.

when the truth is that it is an idea which we could class as quite advanced since, at least until it is not moving, it can be difficult to create, with a head of lettuce, for example, is to build a complete drone with sufficient strength to fly for tens of kilometers to reach a predetermined point.

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