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the daughter of BlackBerry Secusmart has on the occasion of the CeBIT in Hannover SecuSuite-software updates. It provides voice and data encryption now available for Samsung -smartphones and tablets with the Knox available Samsung security solution. All required functions for secure mobile working and phone calls received according to the company thus selected Galaxy equipment.

 Abhörsicher: Secusuite with BlackBerry Z10 (image: Secusmart) SecuSuite for Samsung Knox is in addition to the personal use of Android apps”Adhering to the strict safety requirements of the German Federal authorities”allow, as communicated by the Düsseldorf-based company. As examples, it’s called apps such as Twitter Facebook and WhatsApp.

Moreover, the new generation of SecuSuite to fit seamlessly into an existing infrastructure of SecuSuite for BlackBerry 10 and SecuTablet. The secure telephony function build on SNS standard of the Federal Office for security in information technology (BSI).

so far was the SecuSuite solution for smartphones with BlackBerry 10 as well as the recently introduced SecuTablet available. Among other things the Chancellor Angela Merkel with a BlackBerry smartphone with the Secusmart software to phone. “In the future also the Galaxy S8 can use cutting-edge smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and soon Government authorities to secure mobile calls and work”, it goes in the press release from Secusmart.

“all the German Government for highly secure Smartphone” requirements SecuSuite for BlackBerry 10 according to BlackBerry. The BSI have admitted the software for secret communication “the highest officials of the long”. She used but also all over the world by government officials and authorities.

“since the start of the SecuSuite for BlackBerry 10 we have helped significantly, to make mobile communication with your Smartphone safe and to enable modern mobile work on current equipment our customers in the authorities. We continue right there with the Samsung smartphones and tablets. This is particularly in an election year,”the secure telephony at the forefront, said Secusmart CEO Christoph Erdmann.

Sascha Lekic, Director IN the B2B Samsung Germany, added: “one of the major concerns in the field of C-Suite is the data security on mobile devices by companies and Government agencies. For this reason Samsung has developed an efficient and multiple certified security solution in Knox for Android, with the comprehensive security within an intuitive application is guaranteed.” SecuSuite for Samsung Knox now raise the security on mobile devices to a whole new level.


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