Security Researchers discover the security firm lookout State Trojan Pegasus for Android

and Google have revealed details about Pegasus for Android that was used in different countries for targeted monitoring. Lookout sees therein a Android variant spyware Pegasus which it was for years possible to adopt iPhones by targeted attacks. Google the name prefers Chrisaor –in Greek mythology the brother of Pegasus.

 malware (image: Shutterstock/blue Island)

how was the iOS malicious software also Pegasus for Android first lookout noticed the last year Microsoft took part . The origin attributed to the Israeli start-up company NSO group security company, was founded in 2010 and 2014 adopted by an investment company in the United States. The “Cyberwaffenhändler” NSO have “sophisticated spyware capabilities on a number of operating systems across that are actively used for the targeted spying by people”. NSO itself indicates to sell its software exclusively to Governments and to know nothing of the reported Pegasus attacks on human rights activists and journalists .

the Android version of Pegasus has been on smartphones in Israel, Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Uzbekistan observed. It runs similar spyware activities such as Pegasus for iOS. These include keylogging, recording screenshots and sound recordings, as well as the remote control of the malware via SMS. The communication data are recorded by popular applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Twitter and Viber. Pegasus attacks continue the browsing history, the mails in androids from native email client, contacts and text messages.

as an essential difference to the iOS – spyware Pegasus it emerged that the Android version requires no zero-day vulnerabilities to obtain root privileges. It works a long time known rooting technique called Framaroot instead. If this is not successful, it asks simply for elevated permissions, in order to be able to peek out.

the infection with Pegasus appears to be in Android like in iOS with targeted phishing attacks. For example, text messages with links can be, that promise to a regime critic revelations about people who are being tortured in the country’s prisons. Google places emphasis on the finding that the malware does not have his play store was circulated and has been sighted so far only on several dozen devices. However the spyware can delete themselves, to avoid a discovery.

already in the autumn of last year New York drew times on it, there must be also an Android version of the State Trojan. She called numbers from a price list of the NSO group, the Government authorities of to persons monitor their spyware according to the number of charged. The scale starts with a fixed rate of 650,000 dollars for the monitoring of each ten iPhone or Android users. For the spying of another 100 people, NSO will therefore in addition $800,000 – and to come still Setup and maintenance fees. DISPLAY

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