Sawtooth: Audio Editor online with synth and filters

Sawtooth, is a audio editor online which has several useful features that allow you to easily create your own sounds. You can apply predefined filters like Lowpass, Band Reject, Chorus, Highpass, Fade, Phaser, Bandpass, or you can use your synthesizer, to convert sounds to the Plunk, White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Sine, etc.

but one of the most important functions of the utility, is the option to record your voice, using a microphone and after the registration you will be able to edit it. In this way you can create songs, saying or tutorials.

Its use is very simple, once on his website (you have to register), opens a panel where you have to load a folder for audio files that you will create “Set “.
Once created the Set “New Set “, only you have to click on it to begin charging the audio files, within this folder will have all filters, synthesizers and recorder to start the edition of the clip . “

 very easy to use easy to use

click to upload a single file in “Upload ” and able to import any audio (MP3, WAV, FLAC, AU, etc.) from your computer. Now you will see the editor, in its bottom right you will see all details of the (channel, frequency, levels, etc.), file up these details will notice, the button “ Fiilter “, from is the default filters you can apply to the audio file.

 minimalist interface interface minimalista

some of the filters you’ll find are Band Reject, Chorus, Echo, Equalizer, Fade, Gain, Overdrive, Highpass, Lowpass, Phaser, etc. The vast majority of the filters feature customization (frequency, Q Factor, Target, etc).
synthesize new sounds you will have to click on Synth and from a popup window, you will see all the default sounds (Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Pluck, White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise) among others. “

 you can download the file either store in the cloud you can download the file or store it in the cloud

to record your voice or any sound, you will have to click on “ Record ” and from a pop-up window you can start recording by clicking Start Recording in .

Sawtooth, it is a fairly simple audio editor, but that comes with very useful options so that you can edit, modify, record and listen to audio files easily.

Sawtooth is a free service which is available to all Web browsers.

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