Samsung would provide technology micro-LED to Apple Watch 2018

rumored that Samsung is studying the possibility of acquiring the PlayNitride company . Headquartered in Taiwan, this company is dedicated to the development of technology micro-LED, technology rumoured face to Apple Watch next year.

Samsung wants to increase his power as a supplier of Apple

according to sources speaking with OLED-Info Samsung is ready to provide up to 150 million dollars for the company, and would use this technology micro-LED to applications of VR (Virtual reality) and televisions in the near future.

but other sources claim that the possible interest of Samsung in this company could be related to Apple and a next version of the Apple Watch. “

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Apple is seriously considering the possibility of incorporating this technology micro-LED as soon as possible in the Apple Watch all this according to Asian sources. It is expected that Apple starts with a small volume of Micro-LED-screens in the next version of your device’s face at the end of this year, said an analyst from IDC yesterday.

expected that Apple can begin to mass produce this type of panels on the floor of Longtan District next year, ahead of rival screen makers, said Annabelle Hsu, another analyst of IDC. If the rumors are true, a production start-up at the end of 2017 would mean a launch with a product under this micro_LED technology at the beginning of 2018 . Some dates that would agree with Samsung to enter the supply chain for micro-LED thanks to PlayNitride.

 schema technology micro-LED schema technology micro-LED reports

that surround PlayNitride indicate that the company does not plan to start producing micro-LED chips until the end of 2017, meaning that the manufacturer of screens and Samsung, not could be as potential suppliers of Apple Watch until the year 2018 .

technology micro-LED on Apple Watch

according to various economic reports, Samsung is ready to acquire PlayNitride for about $ 150 million. All of this means that Samsung may be preparing a masterstroke in the face of the future. An investment of $ 150 million may not mean much in this world of technology but taking into account that the Korean company is spending billions of dollars to expand its production capacity of OLED, it becomes difficult to understand that they are now considering a replacement of diapers OLED by micro-LEDs, unless it is for specific applications or functions.
As to the advantages of technology micro-LED, note that we are talking about a technology screen that has the opportunity to be slimmer, lighter and see a range of color increased along with an increase in brightness and higher resolutions.

 expectations of Apple Watch 2

nonetheless there continued to be numerous technical challenges that make this technology micro-LED is difficult to mass-produce which makes that some analysts believe that the true commercialization of technology will not be achieved until 2020. If Apple tries to build an Apple Watch with micro-LED this year, the Cupertino could face multiple hardly surmountable obstacles given quantities which sells Apple today.

a few years ago, Apple acquired a manufacturer of micro-LED LuxVue but the company has not given any updates on the progress of its development of micro-LED since then. At that time, an investor of LuxVue said that the company had done “a technical advance on the screens with this technology” . But little else is known about them since Apple purchased the company.

will have to await news on the matter but what Yes we can affirm is that Apple is preparing big surprises in the face of their devices. will bring this technology a redesign in the clocks of Apple? 

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