Samsung unveils new 4 K signage displays in front of

Samsung signage series QMF offers with the new smart new ultra high-resolution displays in sizes 49 55 65 and 98 inches. The displays feature a 4 K UHD resolution and should make possible even multiscreen scenarios with up to four full HD clips. They are designed for sales rooms and use in the Office – for example, presentations and video conferences. The QM49F, the QM55F, the QM65F and the 98-incher QM98F are available since mid-March in the trade to retail selling prices of 1860 euros, 2760 euro, 4110 and 26.510 euros. Another model with 75-inch diagonal to follow in April.

 Samsung smart signage display series QMF (image: Samsung) Samsung smart signage display series QMF (image: Samsung)

the QMF series LED displays have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and can render content and images in 4K-UHD-Auflösung in the 16:9 format. They come with an anti-glare Panel, a brightness of 500 cd / m², a contrast ratio of 4000:1 and an editorial time of 8 milliseconds. Thanks to the UHD upscaling technology, good picture quality will also be reached if the image signal only on full HD is set. Lower-resolution images are brought in by the scaler of the QMF series according to Samsung on a nearly same resolution as UHD. The devices are designed for 24/7 operation and can be used with pivot both landscape and portrait mode.

content from four different signal sources can be using the multiscreen function simultaneously on the same screen displayed. Different PIP and split screen scenarios to allow multiple picture settings. For conferences and presentations, displays thus offer the possibility, various content such as text slides, graphics and video simultaneously on a split screen to be displayed.

 Samsung smart signage display series QMF (image: Samsung) Samsung smart signage display series QMF (image: Samsung)

the devices have many common connection options. They are equipped with two display ports, four HDMI ports, RGB, DVI – D, USB, RS232C – (in / out), RJ45 (in), IR (in / out) and equipped stereo mini jack connections. Controlling content Samsung a UHD-compliant signage player box (SSB) with Tizen – operating system optionally offers its customers.

thanks to the symmetric 12 mm wide frame to can be used also for individual video wall installations the units. They are IP5x certified and protected against dust.

“the trend in the stationary trade is becoming clearly from a pure presentation of goods and new experience areas in which product worlds are staged. With our new Line-Up we offer to inspire more play areas for the storytelling and the ability to customers through realistic images Visual marketing and merchandising”, so Markus Korn, Director display solutions Samsung Electronics GmbH.”new digital presentation areas are increasingly important not only in the trade. “On the way to the smart Office opens the new series of QMF also versatile opportunities for presentations and video conferencing in the meeting room and support cooperation in the Office.”

the entry-level model of the new series – the 49 Zöller QM49F – 1099,40 times 634,00 times 36.80 mm and weighs 13.6 kg. DISPLAY

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