Samsung reports 5 million sold Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Samsung has called for the first time sales figures for its new premium smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8 +. Both models were sold around 5 million copies worldwide in less than four weeks after the official market launch. Previously, the company had only to of the pre-orders in the United States and South Korea expressed.

 Galaxy S8 (image: Samsung) in its home market, Samsung received 550,000 pre-orders two days. Up to the official launch on April 21, there were one million units. Sales began a week later in Germany, France, Britain and Italy. Up to the end of the month Galaxy S8 and S8 + will be available in a total of 120 markets, including China.

analysts now believe, that the two smartphones Samsung’s Mobile Division make a clear profit in the current quarter. Again, because they expect further positive developments in the semiconductor division that net income could rise to a record high.

trouble now threatens the company from a different side. The game developer ZeniMax has his dispute with the Facebook subsidiary of oculus to virtual-reality technologies which extended to Samsung. The Korean company is to use controversial technologies of oculus for his VR glasses Samsung gear.

in the center of the dispute is John Carmack, founder of id Software, Doom one of the first first-person shooter developed. Carmack joined 2013 as Chief Technology Officer for oculus. ZeniMax in turn is since 2009 of the owner of id Software, the Carmack officially in November 2013 left. ZeniMax claims now Carmack used pirated technologies developed in his position as the oculus CTO by ZeniMax.

on Friday at a court in Dallas in the U.S. State of Texas filed a lawsuit according to supposed to Carmack along with Matt Hooper, a further former id Software employee who switched to oculus, in the rooms of id Software a “plan of attack” for mobile virtual reality have advised to implement it later on oculus. Both Manager should thus betrayed trade secrets by ZeniMax. “

 Samsung gear VR (image: Samsung). technologies of ZeniMax to be incorporated into the development of VR goggles gear VR tortious (image: Samsung). Samsung in turn to were aware of the complaint filed against oculus 2014 and still oculus for the development of its gear VR VR goggles have used by deployed technologies. For this, ZeniMax now requires compensation and the payment of royalties.

ZeniMax prevailed in the first instance in February against oculus. The daughter of Facebook should now pay $500 million to ZeniMax. The verdict is not yet final.


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