Samsung gear 360: New edition of all-around camera supports 4 k resolution

Samsung the latest version of its all-around camera presented simultaneously with the presentation of his new flagship Galaxy S8 gear 360 . It offers now also a 4 k resolution and presented in the ergonomic design. So, the current model comes with a housing with an integrated handle, both the recording button and the display are housed in the 2017. She should be available from 28 April for about 250 euros.

 Samsung gear 360 (2017) (image: Samsung)

“because consumers increasingly on videos set to share their experiences with others, we want to offer innovative products them, with the, you can more easily create digital content, share and stream”said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of global marketing and wearable business , Mobile communications at Samsung Electronics.

the gear 360 now offers the possibility of videos with 4 k resolution (4096 to 2048 pixels) with 24 frames per second to record. The two fish-eye lenses come each with 8.4 megapixels image sensor and F2. 2-Panel, with its predecessor are twice 15 megapixels and a total 25.9 mega pixels. The backup of the data is done on microSD cards up to a capacity of 256 GB.

 Samsung gear 360 (2017) (image: Samsung)

users can create videos or pictures and access it on different display modes such as still images, time lapse or high contrast images (HDR), as well as editing tools, effects and filters to create individual content. 360-degree videos you can convert also in standard formats.

the gear 360 allows real-time content sharing. Is the gear 360 with a compatible Smartphone or computer connected, high quality recording can be live to Samsung’s video platform VR or directly to Facebook or YouTube stream.

which is gear 360 with Smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8 + Galaxy, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge +, Galaxy S6, S6 Galaxy edge, Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017) compatible. Also iPhone 7 are supported, iPhone 7 plus, plus iPhone 6s, 6s iPhone and iPhone SE, also Windows and Mac computers.

the weighing 130 grams camera measures 100.6 times 46.3 times 45.1 mm and is protected under IP53 certification against dust and splashing water. A 1160-mAh battery is responsible for the power supply. DISPLAY

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