Samsung Galaxy prepared note 7 brings back in circulation

Samsung has announced that’s rated 7 again will bring some of the Galaxy that is withdrawn from the market last year in circulation. You should come as remanufactured equipment in trade or customers as loaners are made available. How many of the 4.3 million Galaxy rated 7 on this type are recycled, not informed Samsung.

 Samsung Galaxy touch 7 (image: Samsung) a press release of the company according to must be set even when and in which markets Samsung touch 7 again will offer the Galaxy. This would be dependent on discussions with regulatory agencies and mobile operators. Also the local demand will influence this decision. A spokesman said however on demand in the United States there will be recycled note 7 nor loaners.

Note 7, which are not suitable for recycling, should, however, by specialised companies to be able to be disassembled, to certain components, such as semiconductors and camera modules use for test or sample purposes. The remaining components are to be eventually recycled. “Samsung will allow extract first valuable metals such as copper, nickel, gold and silver through eco-friendly and to specialized companies.”

may be Samsung responded with his announcement to protests by Greenpeace. The environmental organization had pushed Samsung already in November 2016 to recycle the note 7 Smartphones instead of simply to dispose of. A Greenpeace supporter reiterate the demand end of February with a protest poster during Samsung’s press conference on the Mobile World Congress .

Jew Lee said “Although we welcome the announcement, must as soon as possible a more detailed schedule Samsung or announce a date for the implementation of its commitments, and wants as it change its production system, thus something never more happens”, global senior campaigner for Greenpeace is East Asia.

the Galaxy-note-7 debacle had hurt especially the reputation of the Korean company last autumn, and angered many of its customers. As it later turned out, error in battery production meant that the devices partly even in standby overheated and caught fire. Since also the replacement Akkulieferant produced by faulty electricity storage, devices of the problem were already affected by Samsung. Which had the result that Samsung finally ceased production of the note 7 and called back all delivered equipment.

the main cause however saw Samsung at: due to inadequate quality control, the defective battery even when the replacement devices were not detected and sorted out. In January, the company finally announced improvements in the manufacturing and quality assurance as well as new test procedures and logistics processes. For this, more than 200,000 grade 7 were examined according to Samsung.


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