Samsung DeX: enable audio output over HDMI

Samsung’s docking station DeX extended the Galaxy S8 and S8 of the Galaxy to a desktop mode. DeX allows the sound output via HDMI to an appropriate monitor or HDMI device. However the output via HDMI is not automatically. Also, the user is not informed with a notification about the new Soundauasgabemöglichkeit. Ultimately, you have the option in the sub-menu of the app Samsung connect switch on.

the sound output to redirect must be on the monitor connected via HDMI or on an HDMI capable amplifier one from Samsung connect setting menu select the option “Samsung connec panels”, which is then in the quick settings available.

 Samsung DeX: enable connect panels (screenshot:

with a click on”Samsung connect panels”leads to a submenu. There are listed the items for the connect panels available. In the test Voyager Plantronics headset, these are the focus UC, the with “PLT focus” is displayed and the “Audio output” option. The latter is by default deactivated, so she initially does not appear in the quick settings and change the sound output via HDMI is not possible

 Samsung connect: enable audio output (Screeenshot:

are enabled”Samsung connect panels”and”Audio output”to appear these options in the quick settings that are invoked through the triangle icon in the system tray. In the lower section the entries “Audio output” and the Plantronics headset used for the test will appear under “Samsung Connect” “PLT focus”. Click on “Audio output” displays the options available under the “Audio device selection”.

 Samsung DeX: quick settings with Samsung connect panels and audio output (screenshot:

“show device”might be a translation error, the Samsung with”Display device”or better”HDMI device”should be corrected. The latter is more appropriate, since the HDMI sound output can relate to Marantz NR1403 also a corresponding AV receiver, such as the model used for the test.

 Samsung DeX: HDMI sound output (screenshot:

conclusion: audio output over HDMI ultimately enable

the conversion of the audio output to an HDMI device is very awkward. Samsung should enable the connect panels and the “Audio output” option by default, so that the user can perform the conversion directly from the quick settings.

However the HDMI sound output is not used for an incoming call. For this purpose, either the phone’s internal loudspeaker or a headset connected before using the phone is used. Of course, you can also accept the conversation by just taking the phone from the cradle. For more items to Samsung DeX


how high do you consider the share of Galaxy-S8 users be, which will use Samsung DeX?


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