Samsung confirms display problem of Galaxy S8

Samsung South Korea has responded to complaints by customers in its home country, stating that the display by Galaxy S8 and S8 plus a red cast should have. Among other things the technology sites Ppomppu and Ruliweb have published pictures of affected devices. Also was “Galaxy S8 red screen” to the most popular search terms for South Korea’s largest search engine Naver.

 Galaxy S8 (image: Samsung) the Korea Herald shows a photo provided by a user on a local online community on the three Galaxy S8 can be seen. The display settings are open – on two devices with a prominent red-colored background on all three devices. The third unit, which is apparently not affected, displays the settings against a white background.

a Samsung spokesman told the newspaper that it was not a quality problem and the display color will be adjusted in the settings. “Should the color appear still reddish, customers can”Exchange your device to a service center.

“The reddish tinge is raised may be due to a problem with the color balance, because deep red AMOLED Samsung used to enhance the color red”, is an industry expert cited in the report. In contrast, OLED screens such as those of the Galaxy S8 of only two instead of three sub pixels take advantage of LCD displays. A pixel consists of red and green or blue and green, either the colors so increases the vulnerability to shifts in color. As compensation, Samsung have developed for its AMOLED displays deep red sub-pixel.

how far the problem is widespread, you can so far not. At least with the devices that were previously made available to media and testers the error did not occur. DisplayMate showed the Galaxy S8 recently even, to have the best smartphone screen of ever .

Although the eighth generation of Galaxy in addition to a frameless display, a more powerful processor and more memory Galaxy S7 offers only a few technical advantages compared with its predecessor, the interest of consumers seems very high to be . In its home market, Samsung now even seeks one million pre-orders at . The company wants to let also note 7, which had to pull it in autumn 2016 due to defective batteries from the market, finally the debacle to the Galaxy behind it.

a first problem with the Galaxy S8 had to give already Samsung last week. The digital assistant Bixby fail finishes April 28 to the official launch on the 21st or. In the important US market dominated Bixby for the Samsung even an additional hardware button on the left side of the case launched, no voice commands . She wants to upgrade Samsung but still in the spring with an update. In Germany, customers have to wait even until the fourth quarter, until all available functions by Bixby are them.

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