Samsung and Intel support competition proceedings against Qualcomm

Intel and Samsung have on Friday with own pleadings in the competition trial against Qualcomm on the side of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) foreign trade agency turns. Both companies accuse the chip manufacturers to use its standard relevant patents to prevent fair competition in the chip market for mobile radio technologies.

 Qualcomm (image: Qualcomm) “Intel is ready, willing and able to say, in this market the Qualcomm dominated for years”, quoted from a statement by Intel Bloomberg . “But Qualcomm maintains a network of interlocking patents and business practices that undermine the competition.”

Samsung again claims that Qualcomm could hamper Samsung’s own chips parte. The company is among others refuse to license its technologies. “Although we have requested a license, Samsung may not sell licensed Exynos chipsets to other companies, since Qualcomm refuses to authorize Samsung to manufacture licensed chipsets and sell.”

is not only a customer by Qualcomm

Samsung, it manufactures chips on behalf of the company based in the U.S. State of California in San Diego. Both companies presented jointly current flagship chip 835 Snapdragon Qualcomm’s in November, the Samsung manufactures in the 10-nanometer process. The system-on-a-chip is used – but only in the important US market, inter alia in Samsung’s premium Smartphone Galaxy S8. In other regions, Samsung sets even higher performance than the Snapdragon 820, which in turn is the predecessor of the Snapdragon 835 on his own development of 8895. Exynos whose Vorgänger fitted in the Galaxy S7 offers Exynos 8890 as benchmarked at least in some areas.

in the March details of South Korean antitrust investigation report were leaked Fair Trade Commission, had imposed an antitrust fine of $854 million against Qualcomm last year. It therefore came to the conclusion that actively prevented Qualcomm that Samsung sold his Exynos chips to third parties. A corresponding clause is found in a patent agreement between Qualcomm and Samsung.

“Qualcomm has prevented Samsung never attempt to sell chips, and nothing in our agreements has prevented from Samsung ever. All contrary statements are wrong”, commented Qualcomm late March the allegations.

the FTC had filed its antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm in January. It accuses the companies to impose anti-competitive supply and license agreements to its customers. Qualcomm should have weakened but not only competition on this type, but can be enhanced also its profits.

in the dispute is the iPhone manufacturer Apple involved. So Qualcomm Apple should have offered a discount on the license fees, if it signed an exclusive supply contract in return. Also in January, Apple confirmed the allegations with a for own damages.

Apple, however, breach of contract

Qualcomm accuses of . As in the other cases also it rejects all the allegations. Instead, Apple have held back promised payments and authorities to Qualcomm’s chip business made knowingly false statements.


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