Sales of iPads are still plummeting

the good news for shareholders of Apple is that the company returned to exceed your expectations, making profits by 11,000 million dollars in its second fiscal quarter of 2017. While iPhone sales fell less than 1 percent compared with the same period of last year, and Macs rose more than four points, the stain in the record is the family iPad . Tablets of Cupertino fell a 12.98 percent with 8.92 million units, and you have to travel to the first quarter of 2011 to find such low numbers.

are going to clear any doubt before: Apple is swimming in money. beyond some questionable decisions regarding designs and hardware configurations, it is not very difficult to imagine Tim Cook, managers and shareholders jumping in pools filled with banknotes Rico McDuck style. The latest official report indicates that the Cupertino giant have 250 billion dollars in the Bank and to tell the truth, burn you in your pocket. Rumours about major acquisitions soon appear, and the candidates range from Tesla to Netflix, AMD and ARM.

the iPad 2 has more than six years, and many users saw no big reasons to replace the

now, the numbers: since a good while ago, Apple is a company of telephony and services . If we combine the iPhone with the package iTunes-App Store – iCloud – Apple Music discovered that they account for more than 76 percent of revenues for the second fiscal quarter of 2017 (primero deel calendario) . Technically, the sale of iPhones receded a 0.84 per cent, but specific revenues climbed a 1.19 percent, suggesting a search for more expensive models. Regarding the situation of the iPad, all arrows point downward. Tablets sales plummeted a 12.98 percent compared to the same quarter of last year. It is the third consecutive downward, although Tim Cook did not hesitate to defend its sales, reporting good progress in the United States, Japan and Australia. It is the rest of the world who are not buying iPads, and we must ask ourselves why.

first, the hardware cycles are broader. IPad 2 (2011) ceased to receive updates in August of 2016, and even with a discontinued operating system, the vast majority of apps work very well. Secondly, the main movement of the Tablet market is in devices below $250, a category to which the iPad simply does not belong. And then is the «phablet effect» mixed with a bit of saturation. Devices with screens of 5.5 or more inches (incluyendo a dos generaciones de iPhone) are eating a piece of the pie of the tablets, and OEMs can be slow, but not to sleep. At the end of the day, it is a “problem of sales” that other companies are dying to have. 2017 will be very important to see the evolution of the iPad. It touched its ceiling, or it may bounce back?

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