Ryzen 5: Models, price, and date of release

Ryzen 7 processors benchmarks are already on the Web, and enthusiasts with a larger budget were launched at full speed on the new AMD hardware. Without however, Ryzen family must still submit to several members, and the next turn belongs to the expected Ryzen 5 . One of the most interesting points is that variants will be in with 12-core, 6-core and 4 core with 8 threads accompanied by very aggressive prices. How to respond against the Core Intel i5? We will know in about three weeks.

one of the great advantages that Intel enjoyed in recent years was the fact that their processors Core i5 and Core i3 developed sufficient performance to contain the call «hi-end» AMD . But the story has changed with the arrival of Ryzen . The Core i7 – 7700K managed to maintain status quo and return every blow that threw the Ryzen 7, however, the battle to be extended to the entire spectrum of processors, and what was historically a privileged position for the Santa Clara giant, could be compromised in a few weeks when Ryzen 5 make Act of presence. Official information has several differences compared to which was leaked in the middle of February therefore, it is necessary to do a full review.

under the name Ryzen 5 available models will be four: 1600 X, X 1600, 1500 and 1400 . The first two are processors with six cores and 12 threads processing while their frequencies indicate 3.6 / 4.0 GHz for the 1600 X and 3.2 / 3.6 GHz for 1600 standard. Both chips have a memory cache L3 16 megabytes and an additional 100 MHz XFR overclocking, but the TDP is 95 Watts in the 1600 X, and 65 Watts in the 1600. At first glance it is obvious that AMD re-using silicon here . The effective difference between the Ryzen 7 1800 X and the Ryzen 5 1600 X is just two cores, and the 1600 low a little frequencies. Of course, these adjustments are reflected in the price: the Ryzen 5 1600 X has a value of $249 and the 1600 amounts to $219 .

there will be two cooling solutions for three of the four chips Ryzen 5

the last two parts come in four cores and eight threads with frequencies of 3.5 / 3.7 GHz and 3.2 / 3.4 GHz respectively. The Ryzen 5 1400 maintains the TDP of 65W, but its L3 cache low to 8 megabytes and has 50 MHz of XFR. On the other hand, the Ryzen 5 1500 X asks cries to be overclocked. The size of your L3 cache is full (16 MB) and the XFR jump to 200 MHz extra. Prices have been confirmed at $169 for the Ryzen 5 1400, and $189 for the 1500 X. Ryzen 5 series reach the shelves 11 April.

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