Russia has found guilty to Apple by pricing of the iPhone in the country

 Apple Russia

Russia opened an investigation into the price of the iPhone in your country. Concerning that, Apple said that it had no involvement, said that each of the retailers set their own prices.

the company of Tim Cook set the prices of their devices

it has been confirmed that company bite that Apple fixed their prices in fact it seems that you forced illegally to retailers to put a specific price iPhone models 5 and 6 iPhone. According to some sources, in Cupertino were forced to set the price at up to 16 dealers threatening that if they did not change the price of the iPhone would sell their devices .

 Apple Store in Russia

for all this, has been the service Federal Antimonopoly of Russia who has found guilty the company of Tim Cook the pricing which must be sold their iPhone in the Soviet country.

Note Press translated reads as follows:

research has revealed that since Apple began selling officially to Russia 5s iPhone, iPhone 5 c, 6 iPhone models, iPhone 6 Plus, 6s iPhone and iPhone Plus 6s, many dealers had the same prices that recommended them from Apple Russia and kept them for 3 months. 

at the same time, Apple Russia monitorizaba the prices for the iPhone were sold by distributors and outlets; and when these prices as ‘inadequate’ Apple sent emails to these retailers demanding that they change them. In addition, threatening that if didn’t Apple Russia it would no longer provide devices to its distributors by finalizing the contract between Apple Russia and retailers.

 Apple Store in Russia Russia

Apple Apple Store has yet to give its response

in Cupertino have yet to answer questions about the decision of the Russian Antimonopoly Service. it is not clear that kind of penalty will receive the Apple company by the pricing in Russia. From this moment, they have three months to appeal, but it is unknown that they intend to make.

what is the worst that can happen? The california company can reach lose up to 15% of its sales in the Soviet country but we don’t know that you can pass until after a few months. From here you stay tuned. What do you think of this situation between Cupertino and Russia? Leave us your comments.

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