Russia: Google pays $7.8 million penalty

Google and the Russian antitrust authority federal anti monopoly service (FAS) have their antitrust dispute resolved. . the two years ended with a voluntary agreement with a Moscow Arbitration Court, the Agency reported. The Internet company agreed to pay a fine of $7.8 million. He also committed itself to exist Android devices at its sold in Russia no longer on the exclusive before installation of certain applications.

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the agreement that Google no longer excludes preinstall of competing search engines and applications through contractual agreements with equipment manufacturers. The Internet group must a selection window for the chrome-browser develop, you can in the Android users can choose their favorite search engine. Russian provider may require the recording of their search engines in the selection window.

in addition, Google must develop a new chrome widget for Android devices used in Russia. This is to replace the previous widget for the Google search on the home screen and show the choices available to users at the start.

“We are happy to have the Russian antitrust federal anti monopoly service (FAS) reached us, a business agreement with Yandex, as well as an agreement and thus resolved the competition complaint with regard to the distribution of Google apps on Android,” a Google spokesman said. He confirmed the details of the agreement, that’s practically fulfilled demands of antitrust . Thus, but also a precedent was created with possibly far-reaching implications, because Google is world’s similar complaints and investigations.

the antitrust case declined action by Yandex on a the leading Russian search engine providers. The Russian group, which turned the EU against Google after the antitrust case, accused the competitors to prevent device manufacturer on the installation of its own services. The company saw the integration of Google’s services into its mobile operating system Android, discriminated against and demanded an unbundling. Yandex competing with Google in search of not only, but also with an own maps service and a payment service.

the penalty of $7.8 million is equivalent to 9 percent of sales, the Google 2014 scored in Russia – plus compensation for inflation. The agreement approved by the Court applies for a period of six years and nine months. DISPLAY

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