Roy Raymann, an expert in sleep, leaves Apple after the acquisition of Beddit

one of the experts hired by Apple sleep it by 2014, Roy Raymann leaves its place in the company in search of new horizons.

who is Roy Raymann?

Raymann holds a doctorate in science of the study of sleep . And during his professional career he has studied behavioral and neuroscience by combining hardware and software engineering to create products of the dream experience.
He worked in many companies and laboratories specialized in the study of sleep.

in his last position, he served 5 years as the Philips innovation Service Senior scientist.

passing through Apple

came to Apple in January 2014 where he was in charge of NightShift (sleep time) alarm HealthKit and ResearchKit among other projects.
Arriving to Apple, and after their experience in the study of sleep, was to think that in Cupertino were working on a wearable to measure sleep (something that, for the moment, we have not seen).

following the acquisition by Apple Beddit a few weeks ago Raymann decided to leave his post for 3 years and 4 months for the company, to add SleepScore Labs .

monitor dream of Beddit

as is Apple after the departure of Raymann

the work conducted Raymann in the company was very valuable. Reaching many of its projects become a reality and be enjoying them in our current devices.

from Apple there is no official information concerning, and the new destination of Raymann was known thanks to the own Raymann. To update your Linkedin page describing his new role in SleepScore the.

clearly, Apple is very interested in the study of sleep, hiring at its Raymann was an example of this.
Also the acquisition of the company is Beddit despite not knowing the plans of Apple, is possible that the Cupertino continue working on improving the monitoring of sleep.
At the moment Beddit still continues to operate as an external Apple company, offering a monitor very full sleep in addition to monitor sleep, measuring heart rate, respiratory rate, sounds of snoring and the room comfort.
You may see a new wearable to measure sleep a successor of the Apple Watch or simply upgrade of software that allows you to do so.

we will see what happens in the coming months, and that you have prepared for the future.
you think you? Will we see a new device to control the dream?

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