RogueKiller: Another option for ending the malware

the effectiveness of cleaning of malware are dependent on many factors. Perhaps the bug of the day knocked out Internet access, or not allow the execution of certain programs as a defense mechanism. In these situations, it is critical to have more than one solution in our arsenal, and so we arrived at RogueKiller . The program comes in two versions, and does not require advanced knowledge.

what are the reasons why it could complicate a cleaning session anti-malware? Well… where do I start? on more than one occasion, the malware is not our only enemy. the general State of the operating system can be too bad that even the most basic steps of repair take a decade. Suggest a total reinstallation of Windows is something very tempting, and the owner of the computer is probably based on that, but if there is personal information inside that was not supported, must take the long road.

the RogueKiller interface version has support for language Spanish

which leads to RogueKiller . By far its most popular version is offered a complete graphic environment. Free RogueKiller license blocks the personalization of the website and any other changes in your configuration, but this also has its good side, since it limits the use of the program to a click on “start analysis” ideal for who are taking their first steps in the chaotic world of maintenance . If because of the own malware (u otro motivo) Windows cannot run properly, there is a version RogueKillerCMD which works without problems in the system into safe mode console.

another aspect to highlight RogueKiller is that doesn’t seem to apply the database mechanics to keep abreast. The interface version has the ability to check updates but the whole process in the free edition is manual (o sea, descargar el software otra vez) . On the one hand this can be uncomfortable, however, on the other side we have a program with builds notebooks and no dependencies on line. RogueKiller is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP in 32 or 64 bits.

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