RISC-V, the first free processor for our projects


though the world of free Hardware is growing and more spacious, there are still elements that are not free. Components which are still proprietary hardware but being generic can be used with any software.

one of the most problematic hardware components in this aspect has been and is the microprocessor. Despite free processors, its power is not even half of the power of proprietary processors . But that was until now. Recently it has developed a free processor that has the same power as the computer processors.

this new processor is called a processor suitable for servers, PCs, and mobile RISC-V. RISC-V is a totally free processor that runs on any platform, allowing the construction of processors for mobile phones, tablets or portable PCs.

RISC-V can be operated on as tablets or smartphones

mobile platforms to such an extent is real operation of RISC-V that already there are companies that focus their business on the construction of this processor. The most promising company that uses RISC-V is called SiFive, a company that its business model focused on the processor, but not charging by the processor, but by construction or distribution. important companies have been interested in this processor, companies such as Microsoft, Google and Nvidia .

RISC-V offers the possibility to have the 32-bit platform or 64-bit platform, as current processors. This will allow Hardware free Raspberry Orange Pi Pi or Arduino platforms may have a processor powerful for little money and completely free.

in the official website of RISC-V you will find more information about the architecture, instruction and dissemination of this processor. A processor that represents a big change for all platforms, not only for their freedom but also by the fact that cheaper many devices that are currently unattainable for many pockets .

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