Riot Isolator: General protection for Windows tool

as was shown in the latest Pwn2Own its main tools and Windows are halfway when protecting our computer . Logically, the market is full of alternatives at the software level, and one of them is Riot Isolator . Its interface is quite Spartan, but we find interesting functions such as blocking keyloggers and screen captures, control access to the webcam, deleted secure file, and a USB drives in read-only mode.

assumes that the protection mechanisms built into Windows are sturdy enough to keep away the majority of threats. Of course, the final answer to a comment so “depends on” . On many occasions, the user is who keeps out the bug of the day but then there are certain actions that seem harmless at first, and that can be used to invade the privacy or compromising security. Activations of the webcam without permission and screenshots in the background are just two examples, and to curb that, there are things like Riot Isolator .

placing the units USB read-only can be useful

the interface of the program is… a work in progress. their essential functions are divided in Eraser, Toolbox, Unlocker, and Network. Eraser enables the delete secure files with just a drag, Unlocker allows you to take control of executable permissions problems, and Network presents basic statistics of connectivity, but the core of Riot Isolator is in the Toolbox category. There are anti-screenshot, anti-keylogger, anti-exploit, anti-webcam (que detecta manipulación de extensiones y ejecución de procesos maliciosos) a module that deletes whole units, packages and wrappers real-time recognition (el programa menciona a UPX) a display mode, and the option to block specific units or implement a policy of read-only for everything what is connected via USB. Riot Isolator

is free, and can be executed in a portable manner. I calculate that with your current resources not going to replace no security suite, but if you’ve been thinking about a supplement to Windows security, either on your computer or on the of someone else, you might want to take a look.

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