Review of the iPad 2017, the more balanced tablet on the market

what is an iPad? this is perhaps the first question you have to do to analyze new iPad 2017 . If you think that the future of computers is replacing these by the iPad with more power, keyboards and pens, I’m afraid that this tablet isn’t for you. If on the other hand, think that the iPad is intended to make “things of iPad” as Apple 5 × 1 in YouTube videos, manage emails, play or simply read articles like this, congratulations because Apple has the best Tablet for this purpose (y además es barata).

Review of the iPad 2017

Let’s talk about the internal specifications of the device. This iPad 2017 comes to replace iPad Air 2 however, when we take it in hand we realized of the first differences. Although the iPad 2017 account with the receiver of the Air iPad or iPad 9.7-inch Pro, when you’re used to an iPad Air 2 it feel thicker and .

 iPad 2017 iPad 2017

I agree that at first view it is difficult to differentiate with respect to its predecessor, the Air 2 iPad iPad 2017, but differences exist and are noticed. Although this may seem bad, is not . It is a quite comfortable device in hand, especially when you come from a fourth-generation iPad as it is my case (or an older model).

another controversial point is the new iPad screen. 2017 iPad loses the laminated screen which already had the iPad Air 2 . This was a process allowing to combine into a single layer glass, touch sensors and the display (three in one). It was a method to improve reflexes, the definition and clarity of color, but you know what?, forget about the subject of the laminated screen. The new iPad has one of the best displays on the market . The iPad ever (repeat it from always) have brought the best screens in the market and this iPad 2017 so it reflects. It is a Retina display of 9.7 inches below a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels . If we get a little delicious, noted that iPad 2017 retains the cover oleofuga anti fingerprint of previous models so we are not before a bad screen much missing us details.

the iPad better balanced to date

in terms of performance we are one of the best devices created by Apple. Inside account A9 processor (more powerful than the iPad Air 2 and almost as much as the iPad of 9.7-inch Pro). Very very good job of Apple at this point, much fluidity, especially taking into account the performance that we’re going to give to this iPad. However, we could do a demanding and would not have any problem. I insist that we we have one of the strongest points of this device. A processor as powerful (or more) than the of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 + (the most powerful terminal Android competition).

 iPad 2017 vs iPad Air 2 2017 vs iPad iPad Air 2

battery is also a remarkable point of the new iPad. To increase the thickness, Apple decided to expand the size of the internal battery if added to that software (iOS 10), we have one of the best devices in terms of battery life of the market. A noteworthy point that I don’t want to overlook the is the speakers. 2017 iPad has two “speakers” that will give us a remarkable sound does not change anything regarding other previous models but I would have liked to see the incorporation of four speakers that we already have in the Pro models. Nor can use neither the Apple keyboard and Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro, but these things do you need to see videos, manage email, play or read on your iPad 2017?, perhaps pen and keyboard no, but speakers had been great to us.

is actually worth? Yes, unless…

after reading all of the above question is clear, should upgrade to this iPad 2017?, the answer is depends. Before you upgrade you have to assess two things important . The first thing to appreciate is if your current iPad works really well or not. If the answer is, won’t have to assess a second aspect. would you like an iPad to do “things of iPad” or an iPad as a productivity tool? if the answer to the first, this iPad 2017 is made to suit you. My personal opinion is that if you have an iPad of fourth generation or older, this new iPad is a great choice in order to renew your tablet. If on the other hand, you have an iPad Air or more modern than this device, perhaps you should wait for other models.

 iPad 2017 iPad 2017

what is clear of this product is that the 399 euros that the base model costs make it a very interesting option when it comes to renewing your tablet. Apple returns to the beginning, it has been realized that the productive on the iPad is good but with that will be unable to sell more tablets .

Steve Jobs knew exactly what is an iPad. “All over the world using a laptop or a phone today. is there room for a third device? “, asked the then CEO of Apple.” Your response would come later with the iPad first Gen, a device that is similar to this iPad 2017 is designed to surf the web, manage email, show videos, run as a game console and read. That’s an iPad by much keyboard or pencils who want us to sell. ( Who wants to stylus?) )

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