Review of MWC 2017: More future than present

as usual took advantage of this year again some manufacturer the large stage of the Mobile World Congress to introduce their latest high-end models. Well-known names such as Huawei, HTC LG, or even Sony presented as expected their next generation of Smartphone. Groundbreaking new however was not there. Also for this reason, because its new flagship Galaxy S8 until end of March want to imagine Samsung . Instead addressed the views in the slightly longer term – and especially on the G5’s upcoming mobile communications standard.

 MWC 2017: lively crowds (picture: Brown) in the audience, the Mobile World Congress is ( MWC ) also popular 2017 (image: Brown).

the Chinese manufacturer ZTE let with a prototype of a 5G-fähigen of Gigabit-phones. Someday come customers so to enjoy data transfer rates that are up to 1 Gigabit per second. Currently half is possible even under optimal conditions more clearly less than. Requirement for such data beasts, however, is that first of all is the new 5G-Netzwerk. It is according to the current plans, it will be in the year 2020 the case. Among others, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom want to bring forward but this appointment possible around a year. It is never cheap. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Telekom AG, Tim Höttges, the EU-wide introduction of 5 G could cost up to EUR 500 billion.

Europeans want to again join

attempting to avoid the mistakes that come to help them with the 4 g network today still expensive provider in Europe. The current mobile networks are to a large extent by Huawei and controlled ZTE . Also for the patents, the Asian IT Giants have the nose front. For European and American companies, it should be again extremely difficult therefore at 5 G to keep up with the competition from the far East. The Europeans demand already for a long time that the 5G-Spektrum at reasonable conditions must be provided. This was highlighted by Orange CEO Stéphane Richard at MWC, among others. The rights of use of should be awarded for 25 years, so Richard. Most importantly, he demanded an exclusive range for 5 G and that at a lower cost than ever before.

new solutions for the IoT and smart home

also the field of IoT was strongly represented in Barcelona. SAP showed Internet of things, for example, avenues for new business models on the basis of the on – and how you effectively represents them in a company. In times of big data tons of information must finally almost every company are collected and evaluated, ultimately to make more effective and profitable operation.

an another horse on the MWC was the area smart home. At the latest since the introduction of echo are Amazon voice-driven solutions for your own four walls the trend. So presented the DECT-chip maker DSP Group in Barcelona his ROM-enabled chips in the form of live demos. For example let the ULE Alliance certified devices and sensors for the modern smart not just only independent manufacturer combine home but also by voice control. Information transfer is conversely also possible, so that their own smart can warn of home one via loudspeaker announcements about a smoke in the kitchen.

also of the new HTC has ultra incidentally, voice features and can be unlocked even by means of voice authentication are. Without innovations the Smartphone manufacturer wanted to come then probably to Barcelona.

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