Restore your old analog camera with Raspberry Pi and project I’m Back

 image of the project I'm Back

probably many of you have even an old analogue camera photography that you don’t want to pull or simply gives you worthwhile to do so. Well, thanks to the hardware free, you don’t have to pull this device. Months ago that left a project called I’m Back which is still a hit and which already has a premium version for those who seek to reclaim analog cameras, and return them to digital, i.e., without using photos reels.

i’m Back not only uses free hardware like Raspberry Pi or Pi Cam, but it also provides a guide for the most novice user can convert your old camera into a powerful digital camera

this only costs $40 and in Exchange you will not only get Raspberry IP and the lcd screen but that you will also get your installation guide and the file to print on a 3D printer. The resulting device looks like an old camera that has old leather stand case, but inside is more as it has Raspberry Pi plate, the IP Cam and an LCD display where the user can see what has photographed as well as what you photographed.

i’m Back has achieved in a short time the necessary funding to go on sale

the project can find it in more detail in its website a fairly comprehensive page where we can see how I’m Back is also compatible with other boards of copyleft Hardware as Arduino or Orange Pi not to mention Micro : Bit and different versions of Raspberry Pi.

certainly I’m Back will not do to have a reflex camera last generation but without a doubt, this project will be that we recycle our old devices and on the other hand we have a camera that we remove more than one trouble, as the camera mobile, but without relying on a smartphone.

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