Report: Samsung Smartphone prototype tests with two displays

Samsung is supposedly working on a Smartphone with two displays. As reported ET News the Korean company using a pilot production from 2000 to 3000 wants to find out units, as the market responds to this type of device. Samsung should have already ordered the components needed for the production of prototypes.

 Samsung (image: Samsung) the folded – and foldable smartphones will be made by mid-year and then distributed to selected customers. The report describes the devices as an early version of a foldable smartphones, which is also known as project Valley. Samsung wanted find out how consumers deal with the new foldable devices and the requirements of the operation and new necessary technologies.

ET news wants to have learned also that the two frameless displays with a hinge are connected to each other. The missing frame allow to use both displays in the folded up like a continuous screen. Target, however, is not the expansion of the display area, but the optimization of multi-tasking. Depending on the course of the test, a finished product could be presented end of 2017.

Smartphone with two displays so far are a niche product. 2011, Kyocera to the form factor had tried . The echo called and for the US mobile operator Sprint has developed device found but few buyers. The colleagues of had tested the device in at that time.

the provider of Yota devices with the Yotaphone broke another way. It features screens on each side of the housing, and on the back of an E-Ink display is used, that is always on display. But also this concept did not gain – already 2014 the current Yotaphone 2 presented . DISPLAY

wireless networking: free ride for vehicles of the next generation of

has become the networking of vehicles over the last 20 years to a medium for general safety messages and traffic management. But nowadays cars are equipped with new sensors to achieve even better networked and safer driving.

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