Report: Only a few Windows phones get the creators update

Microsoft strokes allegedly with the release of the creators update for Windows 10 Mobile the list of supported Windows phones clearly together. The update with the version number 1703 should Microsoft offer from 25 April to 11 different models, including only four Lumia smartphones. That will have experienced at least the usually well-informed Microsoft expert and ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley from their sources .

 Windows 10 mobile (image: Microsoft) specifically the creators update only on the Microsoft Smartphone Lumia 550, 650, 640/640XL and 950/950 comes from XL. The Lumia 540 also bearing the Microsoft logo would come up, however empty, what affects all Windows phones by Nokia, which currently runs the anniversary update (version 1607).

4 S, Alcatel OneTouch fierce XL are also the Alcatel Idol HP Elite X 3, Lenovo SOFTBANK 503LV, MCJ Madosma Q601, Trinity NuAns neo and VAIO VPB051 on the list. It is unclear whether this list is still extended absence under other current devices of manufacturer’s active in Germany Blu.

a Microsoft spokesman explained on demand by ZDNet US only that as with previous updates not every device capable of is, the creators update. As reasons he led incompatible hardware, the lack of current drivers, or simply the end of the support of the respective manufacturer of the device. “These devices will continue to receive security fixes according to our support policies. The full list of supported devices will be published soon on our product lifecycle Web site.”

as in previous updates should encounter the deletion of individual devices for many users lack of understanding. Most of the affected Windows phones are currently is entitled to test the creators update in the Insider program. Also the build 15063, the final version of the creators update equivalent, clear on certain unsupported devices such as the Lumia 930 performance as the remains concerned with the Insider program weaker equipped but newer Lumia 640

However a backdoor. Via the release preview ring, they can obtain the final update of the creators for them but probably more will receive no updates once surrounded Microsoft of the Insider program to the next function update (codename Redstone 3). Users who go this route must also prepare the to that they can update mobile version 1607 at that time after a reset of your device to factory settings only on Windows 10.

already at startup of Windows 10 mobile about a year ago had Microsoft some of his users upset because they did not receive the new mobile operating system contrary to earlier statements of the company. That may have helped also, that the market share of Windows smartphones last shrunk to around one percent especially since there are still very few Windows phones in the market. Even in the German Microsoft store, the offer is confined to the HP Elite X 3 and the Acer liquid should not receive the creators update also jade Primo – the latter.


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