Report: Microsoft closes Windows development 10 creators update from

Microsoft reportedly has completed the development of the creators update for Windows 10 . The next big function update that should have the version in 1703, based therefore on the build 15063 published last week. It is the Insider program participants currently in the almost ring for PCs and phones, in the slow ring for PCs as well as for the game console Xbox available.

 Windows 10 (image: as Neowin reported yesterday for a short time even a new version of the Windows of 10 was update Assistant available, which users is designed to help the transition from the anniversary update (build 14393) on the creators update build 15063. But in the meantime again removed the question version of the wizard.

already the day before yesterday had the Twitter users Steve Truman according to ISO files of the build 15063 on Microsoft’s servers, the report found. You’ve been there but only around 18 hours available.

since today morning offering Microsoft also a first cumulative update build 15063’s, but only users who have subscribed to the almost ring. It has the build number 15063.2. only task of this pre-release version is clearly to allow an in-place upgrade of the anniversary update on the update of the creators. So far, several steps were needed for this. Continues to be unclear

when Microsoft officially launches the distribution of creators update. The version number 1703, in year and month composed, although indicate March 2017, it would be the first time that the rollout begins the following month but. Already confirmed the software group has offered to the creators update initially only for PCs. As with earlier Windows-10 updates also users of other platforms such as Windows are must wait several weeks 10 mobile.

with the creators update Microsoft introduces numerous new features . Edge receives, for example, tools for managing browser tabs. In addition, the browser supports the experimental JavaScript API WebVR needed for virtual reality. The developers have revised the privacy settings and integrated a Windows Defender Security Center. The update brings but also more flexibility when installing updates and the ability to create folders in the start menu.


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