Report: Laptop ban in the future on flights from Europe to the US

the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is reportedly planning an extension of the ban on certain electronic devices in hand baggage. It should apply in the future for flights from Europe to the United States as reported the daily beast . Mobile phones were not however affected by the ban.

 planes (image: Lufthansa) In March, the Department of Homeland announced security that travelers from no longer as hand luggage may take devices such as laptops, tablets, DVD players, digital cameras and portable game consoles eight countries in the Middle East and Africa in the cabin. Instead, all devices that exceed a certain size, have to be abandoned with the other luggage.

the extension of the ban to announce the Department of Homeland Security, according to the report, in the course of the day. European security officials are mentioned as source. The US therefore fear terrorists could develop ways to hide bombs as in laptops. Currently, such devices before departure together with their hand baggage be screened. Under certain circumstances, travellers must also turn on their electronic devices and demonstrate their function.

the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to the daily beast corresponding plans. “There is still no final decision to extend the restrictions on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins,” said a representative of the authority. “DHS continues to examine the security situation and if necessary introduce changes to ensure the safety of passengers.”

the airlines, however, reject a laptop ban. They fear among other things that, as a result, incidents with overheating and fire has lithium-ion batteries remain undetected if the devices in the cargo space in the suitcase carried. 2016, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration have documented 33 cases where personal electronic devices fell including three laptops and two tablets, in the cabin on fire, it goes in the report. Also, an investigation of the FAA have revealed already by 2015 that the halon fire extinguishing systems used on board aircraft when burning lithium-ion polymer batteries were ineffective.


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