Report: Amazon Prime video on Apple TV

comes after years of differences have become Apple apparently reconciled Amazon and and an agreement reached, providing for Amazon’s video service on the Streamingbox Apple TV. The reports Buzzfeed and relies on informants, who “are able to know”. An official agreement had already been taken. The official announcement will be at Apple’s developers Conference WWDC in June.

 Apple TV with Siri remote (image: Apple) Apple TV with Siri remote (image: Apple)

a source familiar with the thinking of the company assumes therefore that the app is coming this summer – the date could change yet. Already recode had previously reported shortly before the conclusion of the negotiations. According to this publication, employees of Amazon expect that the app will be available in the third quarter on Apple’s hardware.

at the same time Amazon should also be prepared to resume Apple’s Streamingbox in its product range. In the autumn 2015 disappeared both Google Chromecast than even Apple TV from offering Amazon although they included with the best-selling electronic products of the online retailer. Amazon criticized while they Prime not support its own video service. “It is important that the streaming media player that we sell work well with Prime video, so as not to confuse consumers.”

something more precisely put Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on the last year’s code Conference. Amazon wants its Prime video player on any device, but only have to acceptable terms and conditions. That was apparently referring to Apple’s claims, sales and subscription accounts from an app out regularly to get a share of 30 percent. A video app for iOS devices released Amazon though – but as an application with restricted functions, awkward first search Amazon’s website at which users must, to purchase media content or to borrow.

it must be seen, how Amazon was able to impose his ideas on the Apple TV OS of tvOS now or had to compromise. Amazon has a vested interest in a wider availability of its video app in any case. “We have seen the people, who take advantage of Prime video”, Bezos said last year. The customer therefore renew their Prime membership to a greater extent and go more frequently after a free trial period to the membership. Which in turn bring higher sales across the online retailer through its range with particularly joyous to purchase Prime members.

and therefore also awards provide more revenue for movies and TV shows that Amazon has produced for Prime video. “If we win one Golden Globe, then that helps us to sell more shoes”, reported the head of Amazon.


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