Repair check: current iPhones more durable than predecessor models

the most recent iPhone models are not only more robust than its own predecessor, but also as direct competitors. clickRepair is the result of the recent repair checks the online repair marketplace for smartphones and cell phones. The company has looked more closely at the current iPhone models from the 6-series and now publishes the results. For the evaluation, the data of the past 12 months by more than one million smartphones were used statements of the company according to.

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the monthly repair check of clickRepair evaluated independently based on extensive repair data of the last twelve months of over one million units the reliability of current mobile phone and Smartphone models. In the note, the incidence of damage and the amount of repair costs go a half. In addition is a comprehensive online survey – conducted in cooperation with Statista – to 50 percent into the part note of the reliability. Evaluated after a school grading system is (enough) from 1.0 to 4.0 (very good). The test procedure was developed according to the manufacturer by Statista and examined.

 iPhone SE (image: Apple)

the investigation for that is iPhone SE is a total grade of 1.5 leaders among the current iPhones. Closely followed by the iPhone 7 and 7 plus which both achieve a good result. The compact and handy iPhone SE has according to repair check not only far less crash damage, but also strikingly differs in the repair prices to other iPhone models: “even if the iPhone SE to the ground falls, a display repair is only half as expensive as, for example, 6 s iPhone in a.”, says Marco Brandt, Managing Director of clickRepair. When iFixit the iPhone SE what’s the reparability, last year of 6 out of 10 points, reached the iPhone 7 plus 7 out of 10

the latest Apple models iPhone 7 and 7 plus start the repair check surprisingly with a 1.7 and 1.9 of the total score. Particularly striking are the very good results in the damage frequency according to clickRepair. “We noticed in a wide-ranging survey, that the latest iPhone models are protected very often by protective covers, transparencies, or similar.”, as Marco Brandt. Over 90 percent of respondents indicated that their iPhone 7, 7 plus or SE to hedge. For comparison, that is almost equal expensive Samsung Galaxy S7 edge about 10 per cent is provided less protection.


model Touch
iPhone SE 1.5
iPhone 4S 1.6
iPhone 7 1.7
iPhone 7 plus 1.9
iPhone 5 2.3
iPhone 5c 2.8
iPhone 4 2.8
iPhone 5 s 2.9
iPhone 6 s 3.1
iPhone 6 plus 3.4
iPhone 6 3.4

different previous models from 2014 and 2015. The 6-series does not, 3.1 and 3.4 in the repair check over the school grades. This means in the event of a claim: more extensive repairs and higher garage bills. With almost 50 percent that has iPhone 6 plus the most accident damage, where also the display is affected in almost half of such damages, and that can be expensive for these models: A display repair costs more than 150 euros. “We are curious to see whether the repair prices at Apple will also have impact on independent mobile repairers.”, says Brandt. Apple listed 2017 almost 80 million iPhones sold worldwide for the first quarter, had raised Special Edition repair prices between 15 and 30 euros only last week in the wake of some new ideas like the (PRODUCT)RED. IPhone 7 a new display free shipping (12.10 euros) 149 Euro and order for 15 euro now costs more, the iPhone 7 plus there are now 169 euro. 359 and 399 euro and thus 30 euros are more due in other damages.

the current March overall evaluation of clickRepair-repair-checks with 177 devices and other iPhone models can be found clickRepair website on the . The iPhones are to square 59 and behind it. Here is the BlackBerry Z10.

clickRepair is nationwide with more than 350 mobile workshops according to own leading repair marketplace in the area of mobile phones and Smartphones.

 Apple repair costs (screenshot: Apple repair costs (screenshot: display

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