Redstone 3: New test version of Windows 10 supports revert VM

Microsoft has released in the almost ring the Insider program-new test versions of 10 Windows for PCs and mobile devices. Desktop systems receive the build 16179, which holds also a new feature to revert VM. The build 15205 available, which is to correct errors in the first place is, however, for smartphones.

 logo Windows 10 (image: Microsoft) revert VM provides developers who run a virtual machine on Windows 10 via Hyper-V automatic test points available. “You will always be able to Undo mistakes in your virtual machine – you can go back now to the stand at the recent launch of the virtual machine,” said it in a blog .

the build 16179 also activated a function called power throttling, that was already included in the build of 15002 in January. It is an experiment that is intended to reduce the power consumption of the CPU. The savings according to Dona Sarkar, head of the Insider program was the first tests at the beginning of the year, up to 11 per cent.

Windows-apps of store users such as slack and EverNote, created with desktop bridge Centennial, when running these applications no longer a green screen of death seen. Windows 10 Pro is a group policy to disable the lock screen also now available. In addition, rendering problems that occur in certain hardware configurations in the multi mode, should belong to the past.

the error message that certain updates were not installed appears under certain circumstances but still. Microsoft still references its support forum related. Also opens a double-click on the icon in the system tray of Windows Defender still not the application. Also, the surface 3 can not be changed on a current build as 16179, if an SD card in the device. The settings app might crash if the point “Windows Update” is called. Reopening the app should resolve this issue. There is also the dialog “Save” not available in various desktop applications. This error is examined by Microsoft.

a few smartphone users, which have mobile access to pre-release versions of Windows 10 should get the build 15205, to resolve stability problems of the browser edge. Also, developers have eliminated several bugs related to the desktop function continuum, which especially owners HP Elite X 3 should benefit from Lumia 950 and . Microsoft also indicates that the backup text messages may be on some devices lose data. Also random crashes of smartphones are currently not excluded.

that Microsoft used as for Windows 10 (161xx), continues another developer branch (152xx) for Windows 10 Mobile for excitement among Windows insiders. “Would it kill someone at Microsoft, to explain clearly to us what hell with Windows 10 mobile”, asked earlier in the week, for example, the Twitter users Swan Lee . Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc answered: “we were clear. Work on Windows 10 goes on mobile.”


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