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Sinclair ZX Spectrum manufactured by the British company Sinclair Research and launched on 23 April 1982 was one of the first popular computers of the years 80 through its optimized and compact design that made the delight of thousands of fans to the computer and video games.»

your CPU could not be more modest because it housed an 8 bit processor based on microprocessor: the Zilog Z80A with two configurations of RAM with 16 kB or 48 kB and 16 kB ROM (así, la memoria total de ambos modelos era realmente de 32 y 64 kB estando esta ultima en el límite deel direccionamiento de 16 bits en 64 kB) a tape storage system audio cassette common, output composite video and a rubber integrated on your PC keyboard.

in the amazing 16 kB ROM included a SINCLAIR BASIC language interpreter developed by the Nine Tiles Ltd. company for Sinclair and that was an evolution of that you already develop for two previous commercial machines of the brand, the ZX80 and ZX81, which the ZX Spectrum was its evolution. In the same area of memory was also the ASCII character set used the machine by default (but it could point to other areas of memory and set up alternative characters) and a reserved area just before the memory of screen, ideal for EPROMs that could log into the rear slot.

in Europe, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was one of the domestic microcomputer so much so even today endure thousands of fans of the Spectrum that are still playing their games (with emulators that loaded their tape dumps files) and sharing in specialized sites as which is one of the groups of fans of the Spectrum in Spanish , and World of Spectrum the Spectrum site. In addition there is a collecting of tapes of original of the own Spectrum games market.

the nostalgia of this mythical computer of does not paragon and coinciding has recently completed the 35anos from the flooded this machine at all households has emerged in kickstarte r a campaign par to again make ensuring 100% original but obviously updated version to the new times

compatibility its technical specifications are in some respects quite different for example on the keyboard of more warm VGA or HDMI video output and connectors for traditional, joystick and mouse – USB-(even can not lead Wi-Fi optional) but the essence stronger because the processor is still a Z80 which can run 3.5 or 7-MHz and including 512 KB of RAM (expandable 1 or 2 MB more).

you can play any games, demos, use original hardware, whatever. And also runs the new software created more recently to make use of the expanded hardware, including new graphics modes and processor speeds more fast.

the new spectrun comes fully implemented FPGA technology, ensuring can be updated and improve remaining truly compatible with original hardware through the use of intelligent design and special memory chips.

this is the detail of hardware that integrates the new machine:

at the moment has good pace because already has exceeded the goal of funding that had arisen on Kickstarter £306.960 the goal of £250,000 with 1.395

sponsors and there is already a approximate delivery date : July 2018

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