Really our iPhone design we care so much?

are in an era in which not to do more than get rumors about the possible new iPhone that would reach stores in the fall. The main reason for debate among fans of the Cupertino company is the aspect that may or may not have this device, here you can see one of our latest articles in this respect. But my question is this, really us matter so much that looks like new iPhone when then cover it almost in its entirety by a cover?

the design may like, but our iPhone is always with cover

what raise your hand who carry your iPhone without cover! I think I’ve never seen anyone who dares to carry your device as it left the box. Devices increasingly are more powerful, with better performance and care designs but we have to recognize that they are not as resistant which were our Nokia 3310, as with a bad fall are pieces . Many of my friends have had a broken screen on one of their devices over the years and have learned that bring it ‘in the air’ is not an option .

 iPhone 6 with the cracked screen iPhone 6 with screen broken

the cases also may have a nice design

is clear that covers have the primary function of protect our device . We spent a significant amount of money to us, and obviously we want to last us in the best possible state during a good and long season, therefore cover is our best ally . There are many alternatives, so the design and our tastes do not have because be committed still wanting to protect our device. There are a large number of cases that can be found, the specially designed by and for iPhone are available in their own Apple Store and we can then find others in third-party stores. Stores both online and physical are full of bags of different styles, shapes and colors to carry our protected iPhone and is tighter to our tastes .

 cover Rock iPhone 6 covers Rock iPhone 6

would sacrifice design for their protection?

the first thing we think to buy us a new device is as we can protect it then we care so much about color or shape you may have?  When I bought my 6s iPhone device I chose gold pink because I especially liked the new color that Apple had put on sale. Even so, it was not willing to put my device “at risk”. I too liked the color as to hide it with a sleeve (and that I have some that does not really cease to see its color); for this reason, I decided to do me with a transparent cover. But what case should I buy?

there are many types of sleeve, of different materials and different level of protection. the simplest just protect, but if it is true that they leave to see his color completely. I was not willing to sacrifice color for your protection so I finally found a cover designed by Mr. Wonderful which has almost completely transparent, with a fun design and protects what most worried me: your screen since it sticks out above the device, avoiding it to touch the ground in case of falling (tested on several occasions).

 cover Mr. Wonderful iPhone 6s Mr. Wonderful cover for iPhone 6s

then, are concerned about its design as much as we say?

are willing to let the design to one side to avoid that our iPhone suffers a mishap. a design in particular can be savored much, but we purchased a device for much more than that. are looking for a device with a software, memory and performance that conform more to what we need or want to, so that the design is in the background . In addition, we are worried so much that our expensive device breaks that we protect it with a good case, is where it is. So that perhaps we might like more or less a device, but its functionality and resistance raw material first of all.

and you, do you think that design has as much importance as sometimes we give? Do you think that your protection is above the design? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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