Real Moving Optical Illusions: to see images of optical illusion

Real Moving Optical Illusions is a program of illusion op tica taking predefined images to create optical illusions to your mind. This way if you stay looking platform while listening to Roxy Music, make a unique psychedelic journey,

one of the defects of the tool, is that it has no full screen option, this point makes the illusion not all good because we distraeremos with other areas of the screen that are not occupied by the images.

 Very easy to use very easy to use

once downloaded the program from their official website, you will see its little well designed interface. Just have to click on “Start and already begin to enjoy the optical illusion. At the bottom you’ll find a small instructions that will teach you to use the tool. But its use is very simple, with the left mouse button you change the images and with the auxiliary button pauses the images you put.

illusion that you’ll find in the database platform are; Ebbinghaus illusion, Muller-layer illusion, Delboeuf illusion Cafe wall illusion, Herring illusion, Ehrenstein illusion, etc. “

 speed suitable for optical illusion speed suitable for the illusion optics

how can see the utility is very easy to use and plays its role by far. But one of the points that we highlight is the softness in the effect of illusion, it has the intensity just to not become annoyed at the sight. And although advanced options like, customize the speed of the illusion, import images or expand the frame is not available, it is one of the best options on the market.

real Moving Optical Illusions is a free program which is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

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