Raspberry Webkiosk 6, a new version for a great function of Raspberry Pi

 customers fools with Raspberry Webkiosk

here you have counted the functions of Raspberry Pi as minipc, something that many known and tested. But if these functions are good, even better are the functions as a dumb client. These uses are interesting for the low cost of Raspberry Pi and the great service they give to places such as libraries, schools, hospitals, hotels, cafes with Internet, etc…

for this, several developers specialized in development for Raspberry Pi have created an operating system called Raspberry WebKiosk and it will by its sixth version.

WebKiosk 6 is an operating system for plates SBC Raspberry Pi Raspbian Lite as a base used to offer minimum services that work on Raspberry Pi. These minimum services focus on a web browser with web technologies and be able to store it on a flash drive using usb port . Also you can download things and be able to write texts and print them. The images will also see them but we will not edit them like a pro.

Raspberry Webkiosk used Chromium web browser as default

as a web browser, Raspberry Webkiosk used Chromium in its latest version . But it also has some own scripts, made by the developers of the project, which allows the use of multiple users without being a computer guru: just have to turn on and off.

this simple process will do that we can use it safely while the team save our private data or our navigation data, will safety be able to use it at almost any time. Raspberry Webkiosk is an operating system available for Raspberry Pi, for the latest versions of Raspberry Pi. So we can download this link from and then use it on as many computers as you want. Just have to remember that devices must be connected to the same network . And this will we have a set of dumb clients to use anywhere and for less money.

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