Raspberry Pi is the third best-selling computer in the world, displacing the Commodore 64

Raspberry Pi continues to add good news. After what was the launch of the Raspberry Pi Zero W this model in particular the mini computer sold one hundred thousand units in 96 hours and with the growth registered during the last few weeks, just exceed the sum of 12.5 million . This led the Foundation to declare that the Raspberry Pi is the third best-selling computer of the world being a step above the historic Commodore 64 . The question is: what logical is that comparison?

Commodore 64 computers number sold is one of those details that will probably never be known with precision. The own Jack Tramiel said that they were 22 million . Official documents of Commodore indicated 17 million confirmed by one of the employees of the company. Without however, an article by Michael Steil based on multiple calculations and a careful of serial numbers on the PCB search (que ael parecer tuvo dieciséis revisiones) places the final volume in 12.5 million . Even with a margin of error of ten million units (el «refurbish» tuvo un rol importante) the Commodore 64 is the single best selling computer in history. And according to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, just leave it behind.

users seek power in Raspberry Pi, and turn towards the model 3B

what originally was planned as a project that was going to manufacture just 20,000 computers, today distributed over twelve and a half million units. Eben Upton, founder and CEO, said that Raspberry Pi now sits in third place, behind the PCs and Macs. If we study hard numbers from the Raspberry Pi platform, 30 percent belongs to the Raspberry Pi 3 with 30 percent, followed immediately by the Raspberry Pi 2B and the Raspberry Pi B, with 23 percent each. The Raspberry Pi Zero just added five percent with its two models, a testament to poor availability of that mini computer, beyond its original price.

now, a question for readers: what as valid is to compare eight versions generals of the Raspberry Pi with the Commodore 64? perhaps the PCB has had these sixteen revisions, and I remember well that the Commodore 64 c received internal changes, but always used the same processor (MOS 6510) and the same amount of RAM. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi altered almost all its main aspects, from the frequency and the maximum memory to the ports and connectivity. Even so, go our congratulations for the Foundation, and we hope to be 12.5 million more.

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