Raspberry Pi has already sold more units than the Commodore 64

 plates Raspberry Pi

knew that Raspberry Pi within the free Hardware was one of the most commonly used platforms. But we did not know that their sales had surpassed the number of units sold by the legendary Commodore 64 retro game console.

as reported by one of the creators of the project, Eben Upton raspberry plate project has reached the figure of 12.5 million units sold a figure higher than the Commodore 64 sold units.

this figure has some trap and thus several media have indicated since the 12.5 million is adding all the Raspberry Pi models that have come on the market, while in the case of Commodore 64, only is considered a model of game console and not all the models released , so the comparison is not in equal conditions. In any case, with this figure, taking into account or not to Commodore 64, Raspberry Pi is the third platform in number of units after PC and Mac, something interesting which places the free Hardware in the head of many projects and many other markets or situations where the electronics or computer science is required.

 sales Raspberry Pi

inside sold models, Raspberry Pi Zero has been a revolution, with more than 100,000 units sold but certainly the most popular model has been Raspberry Pi 3, a model that has been and is the most popular in all models of the raspberry plate.

personally think Raspberry Pi is a great platform and its figure is something normal or to the main logic, especially if we take into account that there are a lot of projects related to this plate sbc. However, I think that both platforms are different, they are different eras as well as PC and Mac with Raspberry Pi. I.e., that comparison is not possible, as that is not comparable to do so with television or other platforms. Despite everything, the 12.5 million units is a success for a project which was expected to only 20,000 units do not you think?

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