Ransomware: Ransom is 2016 average 266 per cent over $1000

the amount of the ransom demand cybercriminals by ransomware, has tripled over the past year. According to Symantec, the demand was Internet security threat report 2015 at an average of $294. 2016, victims on average should pay but $1077, which corresponds to an increase in 266 percent.

 Ransomware (image: Shutterstock / Carlos Amarillo) related numbers is but only to the United States, which are the most common target of Ransomware attack, it goes in the report. Because 64 percent of users are there ready to meet the demands of cyber blackmailers – worldwide the average was only 34 percent. High willingness to pay have pushed also the ransom in the height.

a total registered Symantec last year 463.841 Ransomware attacks, 27 percent more than in the year 2015. This corresponds to an average 1271 attacks per entry. The number of newly discovered Ransomware variants tripled to around 100

Verizon data breach investigations report comes to a similar conclusion in its current . Blackmailer software still on number 22 was therefore Ransomware finished on the list of malware types with the largest distribution in the past 5 year 2014. The number of Ransomware attack Verizon investigated even an increase by 50% between 2015 and 2016.

“Ransomware has shown a penchant for the monetization and Automation”, Gabriel Bassett, one of the authors of the Verizon report said. “As long as the industry allows that same things work, we will see no big changes, because the attacks are economically motivated.”

cyber criminals now not just randomly take consumer targeting with their Ransomware, proceed also specifically against companies and organisations. In the United States, they laid down a public transit system last year. There, and in this country hospitals were also a target of extortionists. Although repeatedly free tools among other things the Organization, develops no. more ransom, Ransomware to crack and to repeal the encryption of files, these tools are available but mainly in new versions not available initially. No. more ransom estimates that their decryption tools have spared ransom payments users since July 2016 by more than $3 million.


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