Qualcomm will try to prohibit the sale of the iPhone in the U.S.

everyone is familiar with the dispute between Qualcomm and Apple . Both companies live a moment of maximum tension, and it seems that the passage of time not is fixing it, if not that is worse. Bloomberg

has reported just a few minutes that Qualcomm would be looking for the way to ban imports of the iPhone in the U.S. . Something very worrying for Apple and leads to further tighten the rope between the two companies. How will it end this situation? Time will tell it. In this article I tell you this small conflict that has risen in today.

Qualcomm, Apple and a battle increasingly complex legal

the strategies of companies to attack one another do not stop to come to light. Last week Apple provided an important step as it was payments suspended until there is a firm conviction.


less than a week has taken a Qualcomm react and take the next step. On this occasion, according to leaked internal reports, Qualcomm would be seeking to ban the import of iPhone in us. UU and therefore prohibit the sale in the North American country. this measure could negatively affect sales of the Cupertino company in American territory. Something that surely will not be willing to tolerate. Therefore, that Tim Cook will have an ACE under the sleeve, although it seems that you don’t want to reveal, for the time being.

why do I say that you don’t want to reveal? Basically because he has refused to do so. Tonight, Tim Cook will be in the program “Mad Money” of CNBC. Sources very close to this medium, claim that l you give Apple CEO has been to not occur them any type of question in relation to this subject.

the CEO of Apple wants to take it all in a secret manner and without making public statements. With this it is saved from possible criticism that can receive its intervention.

for those who do not know that this issue, which will gradually engaging, at the beginning of this year, will Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in which accused it of forcing Apple to use its baseband chips. as a compensatory measure, the Cupertino company asked for $ 1 billion. Unacceptable and that has led to a legal dispute that may take a long time and many conflicts like those you see here.

in Apple 5 × 1 we will keep you abreast of everything you know about this case. Let us in the comments box your impressions of this news.

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