Qualcomm Sues Apple suppliers

Qualcomm escalates the royalty dispute with Apple continue with lawsuits against suppliers. As in the last month complaint submitted with one against Apple the chipmaker accuses now breach of contract contract manufacturers, producing iPhones and iPads for Apple. The complaints are directed against Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron and Compal, because they hold back in consultation with the Apple license payments.

 Apple store in Munich (image: Andre Borbe / silicon.de)

the Apple suppliers deny the payments to Qualcomm, because Apple in turn holds back royalty payments to them – and that will continue until the clarification of legal disputes with Qualcomm. Apple in the with a claim for compensation submitted, later followed by a complaint USA in January UK had the first shot. It accused the iPhone maker Qualcomm among others to demand excessive royalty payments and to withhold agreed payments amounting to a billion dollars. According to Apple’s has also requires royalty payments over many years “for technologies that have nothing to do with them”. Qualcomm dismissed the accusations as insubstantial and Apple in turn accused’s have encouraged authorities worldwide to investigation of Qualcomm, had misrepresented facts and withheld information.

Apple accuses now

Qualcomm, who “orchestrated acts of the defendants” to have. The chip manufacturer seeks an injunction, the Apple’s customer-driven companies forcing compliance with existing treaty obligations. Apple had no right to influence the suppliers, since the license agreements in question before the sale of the first iPhones were made. Also, suppliers continue to paid license fees for the use of Qualcomm technology in non-Apple products – and that under the same contractual agreements, whose Gültigkeit Apple denies.

“It is unfortunate that we must proceed with this action against this longtime licensee, to ensure compliance with our agreements,” said Qualcomm’s Chief Justiziar Don Rosenberg. “But we cannot allow these manufacturers and Apple, to use our valuable intellectual property, without having to pay fair and reasonable licensing fees they have agreed to.”

“While Apple continues to post billions of dollars through sales of consumer products, which were made possible by Qualcomm, it uses its market power as the richest companies in the world, necessary in its global attack Qualcomm to the acceptance of unfair and unreasonable royalties”, added Rosenberg. According to his account, license agreements with Apple’s manufacturers remain valid and enforceable. “The manufacturers need to meet their commitments under these agreements, and Apple should discontinue its unauthorized interference.”

Qualcomm for its part is also an antitrust case under pressure, has filed with the U.S. Trade Commission Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Even before the Apple lawsuit against Qualcomm, the FTC accused the company to impose anti-competitive supply and license agreements to its customers. Samsung and Intel support the competition proceedings against Qualcomm . They reiterated the allegations recently with own pleadings.

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