Qualcomm officially responds to the lawsuit brought by Apple


yesterday afternoon Qualcomm revealed the answer to Apple about the legal battle in which the two companies are now same . He knew that the manufacturer was considering legal action, and has today been unveiled when their 134-page document.

Qualcomm denies allegations of Apple

Qualcomm denies all allegations that Apple made against them. The chip maker has mentioned that Apple is trying to make use of assume that the manufacturer lower commissions for their own benefit . This action seems something creeping, whereas Qualcomm helped them sell more than 760 billion iPhone.


also accuses Apple of some payments that were previously agreed according to the contract between the two companies. Therefore, the company accuses Cupertino for false statements to the Government related to its manufacturer.

for Apple errors were caused by themselves, according to Qualcomm

Apple argued that its manufacturer caused errors for your business, while they consider that they have been the Cupertino who have damaged themselves. In addition allege that bite Apple company threatened the company avoid that it made public the information relating to the superior performance of the iPhone with Qualcomm than those who had Intel.

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even so, seems that they continue to work together

the dispute began with Apple suing Qualcomm billion euros on rights of patents . In addition, behavior of monopoly to keep Apple other key parts of the competition. Even so, Despite this demand, it seems that the relationship between Cupertino and the manufacturer continues to run . In fact, have commented that Apple has made a great Emporium and with 90% of market share of the smartphone with your iPhone, but it seems that now they are forgetting who has been helping them along the way.

what do you think of this legal battle between the two companies? Who do you think you are right? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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