Qualcomm expects first ARM PC end of 2017

Qualcomm has his announcement for Windows PCs with ARM concretizes processors. During a telephone conference on the occasion of the presentation of its latest quarterly figures, the company announced that the first mobile wireless capable notebook with 2017 comes Windows 10 Snapdragon-835-processor in the fourth quarter in the trade, and as seeking alpha .

 Qualcomm (image: Qualcomm) Windows 10 runs only on x 86 processors Intel and AMD. End of December 2016 Microsoft announced a version of the operating system to Qualcomm processors which is to pave the way for new mobile and energy-efficient PCs. It is natively compiled according to company to run on Qualcomm CPU. Classic Win32 desktop applications can run on an extra layer of emulation. Also are all enterprise features available are currently integrated with Windows 10 for x 86-based personal computers.

end February Qualcomm finally stated that work around already with major PC manufacturers together, to use Windows 10 together with the current flagship SoC Snapdragon 835. The bad experiences with Windows RT, Microsoft’s first attempt of a desktop operating system for ARM based PCs, should also belong to the past. “Aim is to bring out something reliable and show people why it is different than RT,” Keith said Asif Karim, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Manager of Qualcomm at the time.

as Computerworld reported the so-called cellular PC is a thin and lightweight device that can be used as a laptop or a tablet. It will take over but also design elements of smartphones, including the fast mobile Internet connection. Because the Snapdragon 835 for smartphones was designed, the device should also have long battery life one. Thanks to the powerful of the Snapdragon 835 Adreno-540 GPU, it should be possible to also play 4K-Videos. However, so far no reputable PC manufacturers have announced an ARM based Windows PC.

Qualcomm made no statements

to possible prices of cellular PCs. In February, the company had stated that it wanted to meet an optimal price range. Probably, the devices will be priced but on par with premium Smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 – the actual target group of the Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm hopes by opening up a new market in particular higher sales and profits. In the second fiscal quarter exceeded the company of the balance sheet according to expectations from analysts already published on Wednesday. Revenue however fell by almost 10 percent to 5.02 billion dollars. The comparison license issue with BlackBerry have depressed earnings with $974 million. A similar dispute threatens the chip manufacturer now also with Apple what can affect company according on the further prognosis.


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