Qnap TS-x53B: NAS comes with PCIe slot

Qnap systems has two, four and six-Bay models of his TS-x53B series as the first of her class with a PCIe expansion slot fitted. The TS-x53B works with a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron quad-core processor J3455, 4 GB or 8 GB dual channel DDR3L RAM to the page are, or which is expandable and offers 8 GB SATA 6 GB/s drive support with two integrated Gigabit LAN ports. The NAS should come as specified by the manufacturer on read and write speeds of up to 224 MB / s – thanks to accelerated AES-NI encryption without performance degradation. The Qnap TS-253B-4 G with two shafts is available now and costs 594 euros, as TS 4 Gbyte RAM-253B-8 G 8-Gbyte 713 euro. The versions TS-453B-4 G / 8 G with 4 shafts 713 and 832 euro and the variants TS-653B-4 G / 8 G with 6 bays 832 respectively 951 euro. “

 Qnap TS-453B 4-Bay (image: Qnap). Qnap TS-453B 4-Bay. According to narrower fails the version with 2 shafts with 6 bays wide (image: Qnap).

the SME and SOHO NAS allows users via PCI-e slot, the Qnap QM2 M. 2 SSD/10 GbE LAN adapter to connect. Users improve according to manufacturer with the 10 GbE 10GBase-t LAN connection the performance of NAS. In combination with SSD caching or the Qtier auto-tiering technology they can optimize, the memory usage. Alternatively, users have the opportunity to a 10GbE 10GBase-t / SFP +-adapter, 10 Gbps adapters or a wireless adapter to install a USB 3.1 in order to use the WirelessAP station.

the NAS have a sliding cover and OLED Panel with dual capacitive buttons and tool free HDD hard drive bays. Thus, installation, monitoring, and administration of the NAS for user should be simplified. The NAS comes in 2 -, 4 -, and 6-Bay variants for 2.5-inch and 3.5 inch hard drives. Thanks to the USB type-C QuickAccess port, the SD memory card slot, and USB 3.0 port copy button on the front of the NAS the transferring of files on the NAS will simplify, so the manufacturer. The integrated loudspeaker enables audio alerts and playback, via the 3.5 mm audio jack speaker can be additionally connected. The two HDMI outputs (v1. 4) support up to 4K-Anzeigen at 30 Hz. The TS-x 538 can be operated via the supplied remote control.

the TS-x53B runs qnap’s latest firmware version QTS 4.3, offering numerous applications via the built-in app Center for everyday tasks: with “FOURSQUARE agent” and “Qfiling” supports the TS-x53B in the automation of tasks and workflows. “Surveillance Station” offers four free IP camera channels, which can be expanded through the purchase of additional licenses to up to 40 channels. “QVR Pro (Beta)” integrated video surveillance, QTS, what you want to provide custom recording space, cross-platform client tools, camera controls and intelligent memory management functions.

the dual QTS-Linux-system of the TS x53B allows users in addition, to develop IoT packages for Linux or to use as well as to display it via the HDMI output. The space of the NAS can be with the extension units UX 800 p, UX 500 p or the Qnap flexible VJBOD technology.

the dimensions of the 2-Bay version are 168 times 105 times 226 mm, that the 4-Bay version 168 times 170 times 226 mm and in the version with 6 bays 168 235 times 226 mm times. Bring 1.66 kg, 2.33 kilos and 3.01 kilos on the scales. Technical details can found on the Web site of the manufacturer.

“the TS-x53B is the first NAS in its class with PCIe add-on. Thus, users have the ability to upgrade your NAS and to include additional features such as SSD caching and 10 GbE connectivity. Workflows can be simply makes it easier and increases productivity”, Mathias Fürlinger, QNAP business development says head of roof at Qnap.


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