Project treble: Google wants Android updates help

Google a new system introduced under the name project treble, the equipment manufacturers to facilitate the development of Android updates. According to the Internet Group is the “biggest changes the low level system architecture” since the introduction of the mobile operating system.

 Android (image: Google) technically project treble is an interface for the manufacturer that sits between the Android OS framework and the device-specific low level software in the chip provider. It is made possible through the new vendor test suite (VST), conceptually similar to that of the compatibility test suite (CTS). The latter allows developers to create apps that will run on different hardware of from various device manufacturers.

treble is to make sure that Google provided all chips in a Smartphone Android updates work. “Without an official manufacturer interface nowadays lot of Android code needs to be updated if a device on a new version of Android will be converted”, Google said developers blog in Android. “With a stable manufacturer interface that provides access to the hardwarespezifisichen parts of Android, device manufacturers can deliver a new Android release on consumer, you update only the Android OS framework and without additional costs for the chip manufacturer.”

but is not on older devices use project treble. The new updates will work only with Smartphones and tablets, which are delivered ex-works with Android O or newer OS versions. However, the project-treble architecture should now run on pixel Smartphone by Google’s O installed a preview of Android.

 project treble an update of Adnroid OS framework should enable without changing the original provider implementation (image: Google) project treble an update of Adnroid OS framework should enable without changing the original provider implementation (image: Google) whether there will be in fact a backdoor for devices , which update on Android O can be, it will only show in the course of the summer. Then, Android is designed O start and are a complete documentation of project treble available.

the high effort, device manufacturers must operate to move older smartphones to a new version of the Android, however, is only one reason that Google’s mobile operating system so highly fragmented. In many cases, providers have generally no interest to keep older or cheaper devices up to date, because a current operating system could reduce the incentive to buy a new smartphone. Currently, users who want to have the latest version of Android as soon as possible, are forced to buy a Google Smartphone or one of the flagships of a different provider.


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