Programs to copy files preserving attributes

many times we want to copy files and maintain the same timestamps that the file had the fate of origin so you’ll 5 programs that keep the file attributes, thus will keep the creation of the file attributes as the attributes of modification will not change to the creation.

new attributes that appear when copying files, are also the last access, the date of creation and modification, among other many data.

SafeCopy SafeCopy, is one of the best programs for maintain the attributes of a file in the copied . The platform allows you to select the attributes that you want to keep original (creation date, modification date, date of access, only reading, archiving, system and hidden).

the process of copying files carried from its interface and the only thing you will have to determine, is the path of copied files and then click on the “Copy” button and wait until the process.
SafeCopy is a free program which is available for Windows operating systems. “

 one of the best options from the list one of the best options from the list


FastCopy is another program for copy files and preserve its attributes . Its use is very simple, you will see two fields Source and DestDir, a field will have to determine the path of origin and the other the target file path and then you left click on the Execute button and wait for the utility to copy the files.

FastCopy is a free program portable is available for Windows operating systems.

 graphical interface very carefully graphical interface very careful

RichCopy RichCopy

is one of more powerful programs to maintain the attributes of files when you copy them . But one of the best options is the ability to be able to copy a folder and maintain the attributes (you can exclude subfolders).

also, the platform allows you to customize copy settings, to keep only the attributes that are you relevant.

RichCopy is a free program which is available for Windows operating systems.

 has advanced options has advanced options

CopyMastro CopyMastro

is a program that retains all the attributes of source files speeds up copying, copy hidden files with support utf16, check that the copying was performed successfully copy files in a personalized way, copying external rsync or robocopy and resumes copies among so many options.

CopyMastro is a free program which is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. “

 performs several tasks performs several tasks

TeraCopy TeraCopy

program is a very good to keep the attributes of files when they are copied . But apart integrates a Shell system operating to extend the features of copying, such as drag- and -drop between many others.

TeraCopy is a free program which is available for Windows operating systems. It also has a commercial version.

 has a paid version has a paid version of

with the 5 programs to preserve the file attributes when the copies you will have original details whenever you copy and move the file.

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