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Microsoft has the weekend temporarily search of its documents sharing site switched off. Users had Twitter pointed out by that search on promotes numerous documents to the light of day, contain personal and confidential information. Apparently, Microsoft customers had uploaded files and fails to note that default makes all content available to the public.

 Microsoft sign in front of building 99 of the Redmond campus (image: Microsoft) according to research by ZDNet US provided the search password lists, investment portfolios, divorce settlements and credit card statements. Some of the documents contained social security numbers, license plates, birth dates, phone numbers and post – E-Mail addresses.

in this country on the Sunday afternoon the search was still active. In the results for the English word for “Divorce” also a custody agreement, as well as “Evidence” of a divorce proceeding, a Congressman and former employee of the secret found the service in addition to templates for correspondence and Blankoformularen. The latter were loud has been released in a newspaper article from the year 2014 by a judge at least in the context of divorce proceedings.

a Microsoft spokesperson announced on demand by ZDNet US one was “taking steps to help those who have inadvertently published documents with confidential information”. He also recommended users to login to and check your upload settings.

according to Twitter users TinkerSec who made meanwhile deleted tweets on the privacy issue alert on Saturday in several of them, in part, the search during the night of Monday has been reactivated. A further research yielded this morning in this country but not significant differences. After entering the “Divorce”, again found the questionable custody agreement, which contains the children next to the names of the parents also age and name, as well as details on the sharing of costs between parents.

it is unclear what actions Microsoft has taken to avoid retrieving such documents as long as the affected users still not have made your upload settings. Credit card statements tomorrow at least no longer were found. A file in which the headline suggested a settlement appeared an error message, stating that it can – be opened only in Word online so it is no longer publicly available.

responsibility for the privacy debacle is not clearly associated with. Ultimately, the user are responsible to control the upload settings of the services used by them, especially when it comes to documents with confidential content. However sees itself apparently Microsoft the duty otherwise had not temporarily switched off the search function at the weekend – and if only, it has informed its users not sufficiently clearly in that their documents by default are public. DISPLAY

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