Print your own arcade machine and play thanks to the Raspberry Pi

 image printed arcade machine with raspberry Pi.

retro video games and old consoles have regained life with the free Hardware, especially with Raspberry Pi. Recently I’ve known Hardware free project that gives a twist to this world more and creates a machine arcade with Raspberry Pi and 3D printing.

the project is totally free and for a little money can have a machine arcade totally functional and equal to old machines found in recreational or bars . We even have slot to insert coin.

the components to create this arcade machine are very few and cheap, by which any user can build a same machine. Now, we will need a 3D printer for everything since most of the parts are printed. Together with the frame and controls that are printed, will need a Raspberry Pi plate, a 7-inch screen, a battery and various cables that will help us connect the controls created with Raspberry Pi plate.

the coin slot is also present in this machine arcade

Hindfoot is used as main software, project an increasingly more famous software because it is not only an operating system to use, but it has a great interface that adapts to the world of the video game consoles, as it is the software of the latest Playstation or Xbox.

Luckily (increasingly are the most suspicious made public their projects) this arcade machine has all the public and released documentation that can be found in this website . So not just anyone can alter the project but rather also can build us our own machine arcade .

Christopher as project (the author of the project) is fully adapted to the end user, i.e. that after creating it we can use it and spend hours and hours playing, unlike other projects of arcade machines that are uncomfortable to play.

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