Primal Rage II: play the lost sequel to Primal Rage! (MAME)

one cannot say that Primal Rage the recreation of the facinerosos dinosaurs, has been the perfect fighting game. It was rather boring, combos were not too intuitive and had a great imbalance between their fighters characters ( and very cryptic fatalities!). but had stop-motion animated dinosaurs farting on screen! impossible not remember it with a bit of affection!

is true: Primal Rage was not a good game. Comparing it with gems which competed in 1994, it left much to be desired. Anyway, all of us who are old enough remember you with true love, then… who could resist the charm of control dinosaur animated in stop-motion style Ray Harryhausen ?

I do not think that that affection had been extended to its sequel, which was launched in 1996 but which eventually never saw the light of recreational salons of the time. The reason of cancellation? The same as in many opportunities: the vile metal. Atari, owns license and with the almost complete product, decided that the brief success of the previous game there justification for the mass production of cabinets (because each costs a lot of money).

now only two plates of Primal Rage 2 original are known in the world. But the “old game” community is interdependent and collaborates to bring these gems at the hands of everyone. Therefore, during recent years the ROM of the game was circulating the Web, especially in related forums. However, no one could do it walk in the current versions of MAME .

that, of course, until one brave hobbista took 0.168 emulator version and adapted it so that it would be at the game. Under the name MAME4RAGE2 this modified version of the MAME of the entire life is capable of running Primal Rage 2, although even with certain problems (that are trying to solve).

about the game itself, and you’ve already seen in the video, you can tell several things. What first jumps to the eye, however, is that the fighters, rather than dinosaurs, this time people. Well… no people in it, but avatars of gods that, with the right combination of buttons, can be turned into dinosaurs. Very 90s all.

interested in playing Primal Rage 2?

  • download MAME4RAGE2 from Primal Rage 2 official site
  • download the CHD
  • download the ROM of Primal Rage 2
  • download BIOS Atari (necesario para que funcione)
  • in the folder ROMS , create subfolder “primrag2” and put “primrag2.chd” in
  • the file at the root of the ROMS folder, located the BIOS of Atari ( and the ROM of the game (

now yes, start the emulator, choose the game and WHAM. It works wonders!

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